Essential Oils are carefully blended together for specific treatments. They target our senses on every level as they have a profound effect on our mind, body & soul and are the keys to unlocking the healing process. Only nature can



Treat yourself to an ultra deluxe body treatment, the Body Massage.  Choose from a selection of different types of body massages tailored specifically to your body requirements. Whether you wish to target particular areas of chronic muscle tightness, or you


Facial Treatments

FacialsVital beauty treatments for women & men alike, necessary for counteracting the consequences of excessive moisture loss i.e. wrinkles, dehydration, a loss of texture & a loss of radiance in the skin. Specific massage techniques in the deluxe treatments offered,

Mascara Applying. Long Lashes closeup. Mascara Brush. Eyelashes

Lash & Brow Treatmeants

A splash of colour for eyes that speak! Using Belmacil top quality tints, promising an overall long-lasting colour, terrific coverage & unbelievable depth. Belmacil dyes are vegetable-based, which makes them extremely gentle to the eye & at affordable prices! Give


Make Up

All the way from Florence, Italy, KARAJA, a professional, long lasting matt make-up brand is used to create the look you desire for your special day whether it being extremely natural to amazingly dramatic. The salon offers Dermablend make-up as

Manicure and Hands Spa. Beautiful Woman hands closeup. Manicured

Nail Treatments

Your hands are the first to reveal the visible signs of ageing. This is why looking after your hands & nails is very important. Various nail treatments are available to help reverse the devastating signs of the ageing process. All


Spa Body Treatments

Hydrotherapy (water healing) is one of the oldest methods for treating many common ailments. The benefits of hydrotherapy have been recognized for thousands of years. The importance of Hydrotherapy spa treatments should not be ignored as in addition to relieving

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Spray Tan

Looking for a natural, European, sun-kissed look? Welcome to “Liquid Sun”, a 100% natural based formula providing intensive age fighting & skin firming properties. This state-of-the-art spray tan strengthens & reinforces skin tone & elasticity. Special ingredients help to lock


Waxing and Hair Removal

Power Centre Soft Wax used on most areas, gives the thinnest application & smoothest results. Wax strips which are made of Venetian Spun Lace, provide the strongest grip and minimizes pain. Deluxe Strawberry Creme, a specifically formulated hot wax is



Our feet are the pillars of our mind and body.  They carry our whole body weight.  Nurturing them, you are nurturing your soul, keeping your energy firmly grounded.  The following beautifying foot treatments will ensure your feet look youthful 24-7. 


Body Treatments

Cellulite is linked to poor lymphatic drainage, poor diet & poor circulation. Daily exfoliation by use of a good quality, synthetic loofah or good exfoliation treatments & regular massages will help prevent & lessen the appearance of cellulite. An extensive