Your hands are the first to reveal the visible signs of ageing. This is why looking after your hands & nails is very important. Various nail treatments are available to help reverse the devastating signs of the ageing process. All manicures include a stimulating hand & arm massage.

California Manicure (1hr)

A relaxing & nourishing basic manicure. Each nail is meticulously filed & shaped according to your satisfaction. Cuticles are carefully cared for, trimming back any loose skin & conditioning them with Creative Solar Oil products. Solar Oil is a blend of 4 oils that complement each other: Jojoba oil; Vitamin E; Rice bran oil & Almond oil, the best blend of oils you can find, which hydrate & nourish your delicate nails & cuticles promoting growth. A relaxing hand & arm massage using the famous California Mango lotion accompanies this treatment then coating your nails with a polish of your choice adds the final touch.

Citrus Spa Manicure (90mins)

Treat yourself to this unforgettable Manicure & Hand Treatment rolled into one, it is real therapy for your hands! Citrus Spa Manicure is a deeply intense deluxe manicure which continually feeds the skin with moisturizing nutrients such as Aloe Vera (a natural healing agent) and the important Vitamins E & C. Your hands will be cleansed with an ultra-mild citrus soak & exfoliated with rich exfoliating crystals containing crystalline citric acid complex. Antioxidant vitamins present in this hand & arm treatment reawaken & rejuvenate the skin, reactivating vital cells, reducing the visible signs of ageing. The crystal activator used is an intense moisturizing cream serum which “activates” the exfoliating crystals, forming an A.H.A (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) complex thus penetrating the skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed off, promoting your new skin to shine through. This new skin is intensely hydrated & renewed. With this treatment you will certainly have an extraordinary spa experience your hands will never forget!!

Lemon Squash Spa Mani

This Spa Manicure will gently polish & deeply condition your dry, parched hands. Your journey will begin when you soak your hands in an invigorating citrus milk bath-a warm oil milk bath containing Vitamin E, grape seed & jojoba oils. Your skin will then be exfoliated with fine salts & sugar cane soft beads. The lustrous citrus illuminating mask will elevate your Spa Manicure experience boosting it to a luxurious conditioning treatment. The silky smooth hydrating lotion will complete your journey.
Follow up treatments will help reduce visible signs of aging, restore your skin to its natural suppleness & elasticity & will protect & defend it against damaging environmental influences such as: sun; wind, etc.

French Manicure (1hr 15min)

Give your nails the French touch & treat yourself to a French Manicure. Choose from the most subtle to the most striking white tip. You won’t believe how “clean” & “presentable” your nails will look after this treatment!!

French Pearl Manicure (1hr 15mins)

Add a bit of pink pearl shimmer to your French look, it’s a guaranteed winner! Perfect for brides.

French Buff & Polish (30mins)

For when you don’t have time but crave freshly painted nails & a perfectly manicured look.

French polish - only (15mins)

Re-polish & renew your nails the French way! Involves the removal of old polish & reapplication of a fresh coat of French polish. There are various different shades of white available to choose from.

Walnut Hand Treatment (1hr 40mins)

Plant extract infused, this nourishing treatment allows for exfoliation of your hand & arm area using walnut husks. Conditioning hand mask made out of Vitamin E & various plant extracts is applied to hands & then wrapped up in towels to permeate.
A fantastic, hydrating manicure.
Relaxing massage & polish included.

Miracle Hand Treatment (1hr 10mins)

Experience a wonderful combination of Dead Sea salts, the highest quality plant, fruit & nut oils & selected essential oils which are raw, natural ingredients. This treatment is definitely a “Beauty Spell” as it combines the perfect selection of oils & salts containing high mineral & vitamin content to correct various skin conditions such as: Eczema; psoriasis; contact dermatitis & other skin conditions caused from hypersensitivity. Laden with healing properties, this manicure helps inflammatory skin conditions, as it soothes & calms irritations. Ask for your “Miracle” today!
Exfoliation, massage & nail paint all included in this treatment.
Friendly to all skin types, especially suited to dry & dehydrated skins.

Paraffin Bath (35mins)

The use of paraffin goes back to the Roman Times. It is a terrific natural lubricator & muscle relaxer. This hydrating treatment requires immersing your hands into a hot peach-scented paraffin bath, wrapping them in plastic bags & slipping them into fluffy hand mitts that trap the heat in, allowing for quick penetration. Enriched with Vitamin E & a blend of nourishing oils, it leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft, supple & deeply nourished. This is an immediate, intense, skin booster!
Also great for providing pain relief in the joints as it stimulates circulation & promotes healing.
A meticulous buff & polish is included in this treatment.

Paraffin Treatment (1hr 45mins)

An intense moisturizing treatment that draws toxins out of the skin! It stimulates blood circulation, flushing out fluids that get trapped in the joints. This deluxe treatment is a great therapy for arthritis & carpal tunnel syndrome, promoting pain-free mobility. The physical properties of paraffin are what allow it to retain heat extremely well, immediately targeting the affected areas.
Includes full manicure & polish of your choice.

Spa Mani Paraffin Deluxe (2½ hrs)

This treatment is everything offered in the “Citrus Spa Manicure” & more! As we age, skin regeneration is slowed down, resulting in a thinning of the skin & a loss of elasticity. With the Spa Mani Paraffin treatment, your cells are further stimulated & hydrated with a Paraffin Mask, encouraging collagen & elasticity in the skin. It re-hydrates & detoxifies – a treatment not to be missed!
Refer to the Citrus Spa Mani for a more detailed description.

Acrylic Nails--full set (3hrs)

Have you had enough of your short, stumpy looking nails, or what’s worse, have you been a “nail biter” all your life & would love to change the way those unsightly nails make your hands look?? Well, there is a solution; a full set of Acrylic Nails. A meticulous procedure whereby each artificial nail is tailored appropriately to each finger, measured with such precision, your new nails will end up looking & feeling like your very own & what’s more, everyone else will think they are too!!

Acrylic Infill (2hrs)

Acrylic nail extensions need regular follow-up appointments every 2 – 3wks to keep them balanced & looking perfect. As your nails grow, your acrylic tip will become top heavy so missing one of these appointments can result in the loss of one or even several acrylic nails. During an acrylic treatment, old acrylic is buffed away with a gentle high powered nail drill providing room for a new foundation. This will guarantee perfect adhesion for new, fresh acrylic. Nails are then buffed, shaped & polished, voila`.

Buff & Polish - on natural nails (20mins)

This is perfect for the busy client that doesn’t have a lot of time or for those that would like to maintain their regular shape & conditioning. Involves, filing the natural nail, buffing off excess oils, conditioning of the cuticles & polish of your choice if desired.

Buff & Polish - on artificial nails (60mins)

Artificial nails are blended (old acrylic is blended where lifting has occurred.) Nails are then filed & polished with the colour of your choice. Good for in between appointments or for when you haven’t been able to do a refill when necessary. Also good for when you decide you no longer want false nails & want to grow your acrylic out the safe way, causing no damage to your natural nail at all.

Re-polish (15mins)

Renew your nails with a fresh coat of polish of your choice. Both leading brands, Creative & O.P.I. nail polish offers you a selection of colour options which promise long lasting wear. To further seal your colour, Seche Vite, the world’s number one top coat 10yrs running, is used.

Acrylic White Knights (2hrs)

White tips are adhered to your natural nail, giving them a French Manicured finish. As nail grows, white tip on free edge is filed away with each infill appointment. Complemented with a coat of clear, shiny top coat.

Permanent French Acrylic Nails (3½ hrs)

This treatment requires the application of 2 acrylic resins: one is white & the other is pink, together you have the French Manicured look (several different shades of white & pink acrylic are available for you to choose from). There is a lot of attention to detail in this nail treatment, as each nail is carefully selected & filed to suit the shape of your fingers.

French Infill (2hrs)

This appointment is necessary in order to maintain your French artificial nails. Regular 2 – 3 weekly appointments guarantee that they stay connected to your natural nail. Any lifting is buffed down & prepared for a fresh acrylic reapplication – only one acrylic is needed here.

French Rebalance (2½ hrs)

After a few French infills, your nails will be ready for a rebalance as your white acrylic will have been filed down considerably by now. Your white, free edge is recreated & the reapplication of fresh pink acrylic secures it all in place, to give you that fresh French look.

Nail Extensions- non acrylic (2hrs)

This is the adhesion of false nails of the non acrylic nature, directly onto your nail plate. Your end result is a natural look that lasts 2 – 3 weeks only.
No follow-up appointments needed.

Acrylic Overlays (1½ hrs)

Nails are buffed in preparation for direct application of acrylic resin onto your natural nail plate to keep them strong & resistant to breakages. Ideal treatment for natural nails that are brittle & constantly tearing.
Will need 2 – 3 weekly appointments.

Nail Soak off

Removing acrylic nails is a delicate procedure that should be performed with care. This treatment is the careful & painless removal of artificial nails, so that the nail plate is not disturbed. Nails are soaked in acetone solution & carefully buffed away so that little if any damage is caused to your natural nail. A complementary manicure is given with this treatment.

Nail Repairs (non acrylic)
Nail Repairs (acrylic)
Nail Replacements


Are you bored of how plain your nails look? How about spicing them up with some nail art? There are various different types of nail designs available to you. For some of them, price will be determined on application.

Diamontes (according to number)
Nail Jewellery
Airbrushing price on application
Emboss Art (3D designs) price on application
Nail Stamp Designs price on application
Glitter Designs price on application