Hydrotherapy (water healing) is one of the oldest methods for treating many common ailments. The benefits of hydrotherapy have been recognized for thousands of years. The importance of Hydrotherapy spa treatments should not be ignored as in addition to relieving fatigue and easing muscle tension after a hard day’s work, they are extremely beneficial for targeting ailments affecting the abdomen & the reproductive system, inflammations, cramps, menstrual problems, kidney and intestinal pains. Highly recommended to aid venous circulation & high blood pressure. Water healing treatments help maintain metabolic function, relaxing your whole inner being.

Spa Paradise

Venture into the Aqua Room to experience “euphoria”.
Enter a deep, luxurious spa, with elegant design & subtle curves. Precise jet configurations & brilliant massaging performance combine to form a real symphony of paradise pleasure. A 20 minute immersion soothes the nerve endings, easing tension build up throughout the day. Allow the comforting sounds of 6 jets transport you to another dimension. Studies show that Hydrotherapy Spa treatments are exceptional alleviative treatments for arthritic sufferers. 25 minute sessions twice weekly for 4 weeks, are offered to alleviate pain experienced with arthritis & other ailments. A 3-month follow-up is recommended in order to control your symptoms. With this program arthritic discomfort and muscle spasm is eased, rendering you to a state of inner peace and relaxation.

Aroma Spa (30mins)

Boost your immune system with this aroma inspired hydrotherapy bath, increasing blood circulation, sending more nutrients & oxygen to your tissues, whilst easing tension and insomnia. Muscle & joint aches are relaxed leaving you with a feeling of sedation and wellness. You are able to choose from a selection of Aromatherapy Oil blends making this a signature treatment.

Milk Bath (30mins)

Immerse your body in a rose petal Milk Bath laden with the finest of Essential Oils. 2 formulas have been customized according to your body needs. * For those that want to hydrate their dehydrated, lifeless skin, the Rehydration Milk Bath is for you. Orange, Rose, Geranium & Lavender are the key Essential Oils in this treatment. *For those that wish to merely relax their tired body, the Relaxation Milk Bath treatment is the ideal. Step into an Aromatherapy infused Spa with Lavender, Geranium & Marjoram oils, it will certainly relax the “tired you”. Enjoy!!


The Dead Sea is a world famous treasure-trove of health & beauty since ancient times. It’s situated on the Syrian-African fault, a geological phenomenon created some 3 million yrs ago when ancient layers of mineral-rich earth were exposed & salt water springs erupted forming a valley below sea level (the lowest point on earth). Thousands of years of evaporation increased levels of minerals & salts in the lake known today as the Dead Sea. Rich in life enhancing minerals, the Dead Sea salts and mud have been for many years acclaimed for their outstanding, beneficial effect on skin & nerves. The following Dead Sea treatments contain health-promoting & balancing elements, promising a Spa Treatment you will never forget!

Radiant Dead Sea Mineral Bath (30mins)

Known worldwide for their curative effects, soothing Dead Sea salts benefit problem skin, especially Psoriasis & Eczema. 100% natural Dead Sea salts are added to your spa for a revitalizing & deeply relaxing experience. After a 30min immersion your body will feel healed, relaxed, pampered & completely radiant. The perfect solution to a hectic lifestyle.

Vichy Treatments

All Vichy treatments enhance other body treatments by relaxing your very being and stimulating the blood. Very effective in relieving chronic aches & pains, improving muscle tone and aids in treating vascular instability. This particular soothing treatment also helps to combat stress and insomnia.

Vichy Rain Shower (45mins)

Lie back on the Monsoon Rain Shower bed carved in rosewood and enjoy a 30min hydrotherapy pressure massage. Relax as your Spa Therapist targets 6 hydrotherapy jets to various parts of the body. Allow the warm tropical rain to eliminate stress from your mind, body & soul, improving your circulation whilst hydrating your skin. Your body is then massaged with an aromatic cream to complete your experience.

Vichy Sea Salt Glow (60mins)

A replenishing salt glow treatment derived from Dead Sea Salts, which targets your whole entire body. This full body scrub is highly effective in eliminating dead lifeless skin as it contains a combination of Dead Sea Salts acting as natural peeling agents, essential oils & vitamins. It is also enriched with Royal Jelly Extract & Beeswax which are also vital agents in protecting the skin’s nutrients & its resistance to climatic & environmental conditions that are harsh on our skin. You will truly feel revitalized as 6 high powered jets are targeted at specific areas of built up tension, warm water cascades above you, your skin cell renewal is enhanced and your skin’s natural glow is restored. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed leaving you revitalized and free of impurities. Your body is then massaged with a water base aroma pack. This invigorating treatment brings you the Spa Experience of the Dead Sea.

Sea Salt Shower (45-60mins)

Enjoy an invigorating & replenishing body exfoliation using mineral Dead Sea salts as a natural peeling agent to effectively remove dead skin cells that dull the natural tone of your skin. Combining Olive & Coconut Oils, Beeswax, Royal Jelly Extract & vitamins, this salt scrub stimulates circulation. A warm shower leaves your skin feeling fresh and a relaxing massage with an Aromatic Body Cream completes the treatment, your skin is now hydrated and divinely silky smooth.

Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Wrap (1hr20mins)

Dead Sea Mud has been renowned for thousands of years as both a beautifier & healer, first recognized by Cleopatra. This treatment involves full dry exfoliation with a body brush and then Mineral-rich 100% Dead Sea Mud is lathered onto your body to deeply purify & detoxify, drawing out impurities & toxins. The warm mud that is applied will also help ease your muscular aches & pains. The Aromatic Body Cream is applied to your body ending in a mini massage using effleurage movements. As a Mud Bath treatment(enter the Aqua room & immerse yourself in a spa for 20mins).
As a Vichy Treatment (you experience hydro pressure jets & a rain shower)

Aromatic Body Wrap (60mins)

Is your skin looking dry & dehydrated?? This treatment is designed to replenish moisture in dehydrated skins whilst it nourishes & tones it. Enjoy a dry exfoliation, then your body will be enveloped in an aromatic mask to nourish & revitalize your skin. You are wrapped up in foil where the aromatic mask permeates for 20mins. Final lotion is then massaged into your body.
Replenishing Salt Glow & Vichy Rain Shower added to this treatment.

Aromatic Vanilla Cocoon (1hr30mins)

For a nourishing treatment that will surround you with the aroma of the Vanilla Fragrance. Enjoy a Replenishing Vanilla Salt Glow, removed with hot towel therapy, followed by being enveloped in the Vanilla Body Butter & cocooned for 20mins to allow the skin to receive nourishment. A complementary scalp massage is given during this process. Treatment concludes in a light massage bringing back life to dry & mature skins. ** Designed to be a luxurious treatment, this treatment is “heaven scent”. You will certainly leave feeling as if you’re on cloud nine, wearing a vanilla scent!

Body Contouring Infusion (1hr45mins)

Are you unhappy with your overall body appearance? Finally, a treatment that targets your concerns as it focuses on firming all areas of the body! This spa package is an intensive treatment specifically designed to reduce that “puffy” look, refine your silhouette & minimize the appearance of cellulite. It is a treatment performed with light massage strokes to relax your mind & uplift the skin. Treatment includes a full body exfoliation with Dead Sea salts in the Oceana Room, removal with Hot Towel Therapy, a detoxifying mud wrap infused with revitalizing and firming oils, a hydro pressure massage with the Vichy Rain shower jets and the amazing journey will conclude in the Revive Room where you will experience a Light Firming Massage with the Aromatic Body Cream. This Spa Treatment will leave your skin feeling firmer, smoother & more refined.
Ideal for people concerned with Cellulite, Stretch Marks & sagging skin.
Weekly treatments over a 6 week period will promise weight loss.

Natural Dead Sea Experience (90mins)

Experience the Dead Sea with this Spa Package including a Dead Sea Salt scrub which you can shower off or experience with a hot towel removal, a Dead Sea mud wrap (raw mud from the Dead Sea in Israel is applied), which you can continue your journey with on a rain shower bed or in a luxurious spa (as a mud bath) and to conclude your Dead Sea experience you will receive a light Classical Massage with an exquisite cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil, enriched with Vitamin E & containing Sesame, Jojoba, Avocado & Grape-Seed oils to promote optimal moisture balance of the skin rendering it into a silky, supple texture.

Pampering Dead Sea Experience (2hrs)

Enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea & delight your senses with this exotic and pampering Day Spa package as you enter the Oceana room & Dead Sea salts are applied & massaged into your body, you are then transported to the Aqua Room where you will soak in a Dead Sea Mineral Spa (laden with Dead Sea salts & Oils) for 40mins, you then return to the Oceana Room to receive a Dead Sea mud wrap applied with an effleurage massage technique & a complementary scalp massage. Once processed you may either shower off or further enhance your experience with a hydro pressure massage on the Vichy Rain Shower bed. Your Spa journey concludes with a relaxing massage using the Aromatic Body Cream. A truly nourishing treatment; the ultimate of total relaxation & bliss!!