Cellulite is linked to poor lymphatic drainage, poor diet & poor circulation. Daily exfoliation by use of a good quality, synthetic loofah or good exfoliation treatments & regular massages will help prevent & lessen the appearance of cellulite. An extensive range of services are available comprising exfoliation & massage, which assist in addressing these concerns. The following body treatments are surely treatments for “your mind, body & soul”. At Beauty & Beyond Day Spa, allow yourself to be calmed, inspired, invigorated, relaxed and/or rejuvenated by a body treatment of your choice…

Restorative Back Treatment (1hr 15min)

A facial treatment for your back straight from the Dead Sea! Involves the cleansing of surface debris, exfoliation using a Dead Sea salt scrub, steaming the area to open the pores for easy removal of bacteria, & extraction of any comedones or blemishes visible in the area. A mud mask (raw mud from the Dead Sea) is applied to further draw out impurities & calm the skin. Hot towel therapy is used to remove mask. Finish off with a relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage to conclude your treatment. You are now refreshed & rejuvenated.

Micro Dermal Back Treatment (1hr 45mins)

A Microdermabrasion back treatment, involving deep exfoliation and removal of surface debris with corundum crystals. Targeted at problematic skin types, this treatment is more than just a back treatment.
Refer to the above treatment for a more detailed explanation of what this service entails.

Ingrown Hair Exfoliation & Treatment (Treatment time will depend on area)

Exceptional treatment for those unsightly ingrown hairs on the body! Area being treated is exfoliated with the Liquid Body Lufra from the Nu Skin product range made out of walnut husks (a loofah in a bottle!). Dead skin cells are sloughed away to allow for easy ingrown hair removal. Skin is steamed to soften & treat inflamed pores. Ingrown hairs are then carefully lanced so there is minimal epidermal disturbance. A calming mask is applied to affected areas to reduce redness & allow for the healing process to commence.

Crystal Body Polish (60mins)

For a total body experience!! Replenish your skin & increase your circulation with this deluxe body treatment. Microdermabrasion is used to effectively resurface your skin from top to toe, revealing the perfect skin which lies directly beneath the surface. Regular treatments will help erase various skin imperfections such as scarring & even stretch marks as collagen & elasticity is encouraged. You will receive total body rejuvenation as Vitamins: A, E & C are infused into your skin to nourish it. Dead skin cells are sloughed off whilst being given a pressure- point massage at the same time – WOW!! Sloughing off dead skin cells regularly stimulates lymphatic drainage & can eliminate 1/3 of body toxins. Hot towel therapy is used in this treatment to dissolve crystals and remove dead skin cells. Perfect for the face, but ideal for the whole body. Result: Skin will be more polished & refined, healthier & younger looking, smoother & fresher all over. Ideal way to prep your skin before spray tanning (this way you get 2 treatments in 1).
Escape your busy world & have a Total Body Experience now. It’s the perfect way to really pamper your body & soul.

Diathermy - Elimination of tiny red vein capillaries

Diathermy is an advanced technique which breaks down and permanently erases tiny red capillaries and spider naevi found in the epidermal layers of the skin. Amongst numerous other factors, sun exposure and harsh treatment of the skin such as hot showers, squeezing of pimples using your nails, taking medications, and excessive consumption of alcohol, etc causes this skin condition.
Not many treatments necessary to have this skin problem under control.
Sterile, disposable needles are used with every treatment