Treat yourself to an ultra deluxe body treatment, the Body Massage.  Choose from a selection of different types of body massages tailored specifically to your body requirements. Whether you wish to target particular areas of chronic muscle tightness, or you wish to alleviate stress & relieve some built-up tension, or simply desire a nurturing aromatherapy massage with oils of your choice.  Accompanied by soft & comforting sounds of nature, this is a great way to relax & restore vitality.

The Swedish Relaxation (2 hrs)

Indulge yourself with this soothing & purely relaxing 2hr full body massage. As each individual part of your body is massaged with a blend of Grape Seed Oil & Lavender essential oil, you slowly but surely feel yourself drift off into a profound state of serenity & you orbit to another place called “total relaxation”…. it’s a place some of us call “heaven.”

The Remedial (90min)

A deep, therapeutic, full body massage, beneficial for those who wish to relieve tension build-up or increase circulation on specific problem areas where muscle tightness is strongly evident.

The Aroma Massage (2hrs)

Let yourself succumb to the powers of the essential oil aromas & allow your muscles to relax completely with this aromatherapy full body massage. Essential oils are blended to your specific needs. A blend of grape seed oil together with Sandalwood to calm & balance you, Lavender for total relaxation & pain reliever in one or Mandarin for a refreshing, invigorating & stimulating treatment, to name a few! Enhance your massage experience & uplift your entire being with the purest natural aromas, the journey will leave you deliciously refreshed as it amazingly transports you from work to pleasure!!

The Sixty Minute Bliss (1hr)

Lie back and enjoy a full 60 minutes of sheer bliss…. This amazing massage will make you feel each and every part of your body drop off as you receive a nurturing massage from head to toe. A back, shoulder, neck & scalp technique completes this treatment rendering you into a state of inner tranquil, reaching 100% Zen!! You will soon learn why it’s called the sixty minute bliss!

Half Body Massage (30 min)

A half hour massage that targets the upper half of the torso... As you listen to the soft music & wind down from the day’s activities, all of your stress points will be addressed. Lavender is added to the massage treatment to further relax you. For those who want to experience pure relaxation & total rejuvenation.

Neck & Shoulder Reliever (20min)

20 minute massage focusing on pressure points & tension build-up. Consists of effleurage & décolletage of the, face, neck & shoulder area. A beautiful scalp massage complements this treatment. Leaves you feeling revived renewed & not to mention “relieved.”

Effleurage & Décolletage Supreme (45min)

A perfect massage for the upper torso involving an effleurage & décolletage of the face, neck & arms. Treatment concludes with a relaxing back massage. This massage will have you feeling regenerated, rejuvenated & revitalized. *A complementary scalp massage is given with this treatment.

Aromatic Mud Oil Massage

Turn your pampering massage into a therapeutic treatment. Enjoy the benefits of touch as well as minerals from the Dead Sea. With the healing properties found in the Dead Sea Mud, allow this massage to ease & soothe away muscle aches & pains. You will certainly feel revived & uplifted!! ** Ideal for arthritic sufferers & various other ailments.

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy

Hot and cold healing stones are placed on the chakras of your body, whilst other heated stones work their magic on your meridians. Treat yourself to a stone massage today and let the journey take you to a better place.

Hahana Stone Massage

Experience a deeper level of relaxation with a "Hahana Stone Massage".  This massage is like no other! Volcanic stones which have smoothed over thousands of years by gently flowing currents of water are heated for this treatment.  These stones have an amazing ability to retain heat as they glide over each part of your body. Watch how your stress is lifted as you relax & unwind with ease as you are transported to another dimension.
This is how your journey begins; warm, organic coconut oil is drizzled onto your body, then heated volcanic stones are then introduced applying rythmic, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage techniques, allowing the stones to release their healing energies deep into your muscles. Any tension that is trapped will dissolve as the stones target all your stress points.  The hot stones will make their way into your scalp, where they are exchanged for cold marble stones providing you with a truly sensory experience which will harmonise your body, mind and spirit.  Certainly a massage you will remember.

Hahana Aromatic Stone Massage

Allow the aromatic power of this massage to relax you even further than the traditional "Hahana Stone Massage".  During this amazing massage, a drop of Sandalwood essential oil placed on each stone acts as an aromatherapy diffuser.  This will further enhance the effects of your treatment, relaxing you to an even deeper level than you could ever have imagined.  Book one today and enjoy the journey.