Essential Oils are carefully blended together for specific treatments. They target our senses on every level as they have a profound effect on our mind, body & soul and are the keys to unlocking the healing process. Only nature can produce whole Essential Oils. They are droplets extracted from leaves; stems; bark; flowers; roots & fruits. Aromatherapy has the amazing ability to transform our emotions to a different level, healing our bodies in the process. Aromatherapy will transport you to another place & another time. Carefully choose your own “Aroma Destination” and enjoy!!

Tahitian Spa Exfoliation (60mins)

Relax & experience a Total Body Exfoliation using Lavender, Geranium & Marjoram aromatherapy Essential Oils. A complementary facial & scalp massage is given with this treatment, you then enter the Aqua Room where you step into a Milk Bath for 20mins of intense hydration. This Spa Treatment will surely make you feel “relaxed” & “re-grounded.”

Fusion Spa Re-hydration (1hr30mins)

Is your body in need of hydration? This treatment contains a re-hydration formula of carefully picked aromatherapy oil blends that will certainly transform the look and feel of your skin. Experience “euphoria” as you receive a full body massage with a Massage Butter Balm containing the essential oils: Orange; Rose; Geranium & Lavender. You will then enjoy the Aloe Vera Body Wrap( where an Aloe Vera body hydrating mask will infuse intense hydration for 35mins). You will then be transported to another dimension when you enter the Aqua Room where you will immerse your body into a milk spa to further enhance the hydrating properties of the essential oils used in this treatment. A perfect treatment specifically tailored to correct dehydrated skin.

Citrus Spa Detox (1hr30mins)

This is a Spa, slim & detox package rolled into one! It assists in poor elimination, circulation, constipation, Cellulite (orange peel texture skin), pre-menstrual fluid retention & weight loss. Combined, the Essential Oils; Peppermint, Lemon & Black Pepper in this treatment stimulate the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow, dissolving & releasing toxins held in your body. Lymphatic stimulant diuretic helps with cellulite also. Lemon helps circulation, is invigorating to the immune system, has a decongestant action & helps drain fluid retention. Your therapist will begin with a stimulating Lymphatic Massage with detox oil, concentrating on all your lymphatic congested areas, then a full body salt balm exfoliation & body detox salt wrap(for 30mins) will be experienced increasing blood circulation & cell oxygenation. This Spa Package ends with a Sea Salt Spa Bath treatment to further infuse the detox process. What a fantastic way to shed some kilos! It makes a great circulation treatment for arthritic sufferers too!

Clients should take a program of 6-10 treatments depending on their body needs i.e. 2 treatments a week for the first 2 weeks, followed by 1 treatment every subsequent week. Diet advice will be given by your therapist to help you achieve optimum results.

Spa Etiquette
If you have never visited a Day Spa before, please respect that there are certain guidelines, spa policies & procedures one must follow:

  • Appointments - For you to enjoy the full value of your Day Spa Treatment, always be on time for your appointments. If you arrive late for an appointment then you may have your treatment cut short. When making Spa Appointments, try to book as far in advance as possible to ensure that you get the date & time you prefer.
  • Spa Attire - Clients will be provided with a Robe & Spa thongs to wear whilst in the Day Spa & during treatments. You may feel comfortable bringing a swimsuit although you will be well draped & your privacy will be protected at all times.
  • Mobile Phones - A Day Spa visit is meant to be relaxing for the client & the idea is to switch off from the outside, busy world & have a stress reducing, memorable experience. It is requested that clients switch off all phones & pagers as a courtesy to yourself & other guests also.
  • Talking during treatments - It is the client’s personal preference. If you wish to remain silent throughout your treatment, the Day Spa Therapist will support your decision as the idea is to create a relaxing, meditative atmosphere & talking throughout your treatment won’t allow your mind to “switch off”, however you may ask questions relating to your treatment.
  • Day Spa Cancellation Policy - It is understood that sometimes you need to cancel or postpone your treatment. If so 24 business hours notice is required or a 100% cancellation fee will apply. Should you not arrive for your booking the full amount will also apply & gift vouchers will be void.

Thank you for considering others & Beauty & Beyond Day Spa’s policy.