Power Centre Soft Wax used on most areas, gives the thinnest application & smoothest results. Wax strips which are made of Venetian Spun Lace, provide the strongest grip and minimizes pain. Deluxe Strawberry Creme, a specifically formulated hot wax is used for the more sensitive, delicate areas of the body, providing minimal discomfort.
Exceptional for the most dreaded “Brazilian” wax.

Eyebrow Tidy Up
Eyebrow Precision Shaping
Eyebrow Sculpture
Sides of Face
Chin, Lip & Brow
Under Arm
½ Arms
Arms (female)
Arms (male)
Full Stomach

Snail Trail
Lower Back
Back, Neck & Shoulders
Thighs (including knees)
Full Leg (female)
Full Leg & Standard Bikini (female)
Full Leg (male)
¾ Leg (female)
¾ Leg (male)
½ Leg
Standard Bikini

Brazilian Waxing:

For a cleaner feel, try the Brazilian Wax!!
The Brazilian Wax is such a popular treatment. For those of you who are shy, no need to fret, all Brazilian waxing is done with a g-string on; this is also required for hygienic purposes. The Bikini area has always been regarded as a “sensitive area”, for this reason, Deluxe Strawberry Creme, a specifically formulated hot wax is applied for minimal discomfort and accurate hair removal. The strawberry scent will certainly keep your mind off the task at hand!! At Beauty & Beyond Day Spa there is a selection of 4 different Brazilian styles to choose from. If unsure, start off with a XX extended bikini for your first visit, then tempt yourself with the XXX (landing strip) & work your way up to the daring XXXX (nude) in your follow up appointments. You won’t ever feel “hairy” again!!!!

XX Extended (g-string) Bikini
XXX (Landing Strip) Bikini
XXX.5 (Narrow Strip) Bikini
XXXX (Nude) Bikini

Electrolysis – Permanent Hair Removal

A fantastic treatment for those unwanted hairs! With regular visits to the salon, this treatment will leave your body “hair free” permanently.
Sterile, disposable needles are used with every treatment.