Our feet are the pillars of our mind and body.  They carry our whole body weight.  Nurturing them, you are nurturing your soul, keeping your energy firmly grounded.  The following beautifying foot treatments will ensure your feet look youthful 24-7.  Polish applied is guaranteed to last and last, and whats more, your feet will smell good enough to eat!
Remember to wear open-toed shoes for the following treatments.

Toe Nail Buff & Polish (15 mins)

Keep your toe nails looking perfect with this treatment! Each toe nail is trimmed and filed, and any ridges are smoothed down in preparation for the polish of your choice.

French Toes (25 mins)

For a perfectly French look, try the French Pedicure.  Your toes will be filed and buffed to perfection, and then French polished.  The result will be a sparkly, clean look. 
Try the French Manicure for an overall French look.  Nothing else like French fingers to match your French toes!

Mini Pedi (40 mins)

This mini treatment involves toe nail filing, cuticle tidy up, conditioning with Solar Oil, and dead skin removal with rasp and polish of your choice.
Ideal treatment for in between pedicures.

Walnut Husk Pedicure (60 mins)

Soak, file, cuticle trimming and conditioning, dead skin removal by means of walnut husk exfoliation, stimulating massage using the famous California Mango lotion and polish of your choice.

Persé Organic Clove Pedicure (60 mins)

Revitalise, improve circulation and uplift your body with this decadent organic pedicure. Your feet will enjoy a soak and then will be exfoliated withe the Persé Organic Body Polish enriched with a pure essential oil blend of clove, rosewood, lemon, grapefruit and orange.  Toe nails will be shaped, cuticles will be trimmed and conditioned and feet will be massaged and moisturised with Persé Rose Geranium Organic body lotion.  The organic aroma in this foor treatment will make this pedicure a truly sensory experience for you.

Raw Earth Winter Pedicure (90 mins)

Indulge yourself in an earth-derived pedicure filled with healing properties due to natural ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, stimulating essential oils and conditioning agents that will moisturise, sooth and polish your skin. 
Submerge your feet in a fizzing mineral bath containing: Malachite - a naturally occuring mineral that aids in protecting skin against environmental stress; Calendula and Sandalwood Oils - natural antiseptics to soften the skin; Grapefruit, Lavender and Peppermint Oils - natural oils which will provide you with an aromatherapeutic experience. Stubborn cuticles are then eliminated from the nail plate and nails are filed and shaped. Dead skin cells are sloughed away to polish and smooth your skin with a warming A.H.A. foot scrub made of raw sugar, Citric Acid (naturally produced from citrus fruits), Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium, Evening Primrose Oil, and Vitamins A and E, to soften, moisturise and reduce signs of aging.  Calluses are treated, soles and heels are softened with an A.H.A. sea serum and smoothed with a rasp. Skin is pampered with a conditioning volcanic clay foot masque, fortified with a rich blend of hydrating and protective vitamins and minerals. A relaxing and hydrating foot and leg massage completes the journey with a vitamin and mineral enriched lotion that will shield your skin.  Your choice of enamel adds the final beautiful touch.

Spa Marine Deluxe Pedicure (120 mins)

Do you describe your feet as ugly, horrible, disgusting or terrible looking??
Turn your ugly looking toes into beautiful pretty ones with this deluxe, sea-inspired beauty treatment. You will be blown away by their transformation, it will leave you feeling like you're "walking on air". Products from the Creative Range, directly from the sea are used.
Your feet will soak in a foaming seaweed and sea rocks foot bath. A softening, hydrating, aroma-therapeutic treatment containing Dead Sea salts, Tea Tree oil, softening Rice Bran oil, and conditioning Vitamin E. Toe nails are meticulously manicured, and cuticles are trimmed and conditioned.  Feet are then exfoliated with an A.H.A. sea scrub - an aromatic foot scrub containing quartz crystals, silica and a marine alpha-hydroxy acid complex to effectively eliminate rough, dry skin. A callous rasp is used to smooth the tougher skin.
The application of a rejuvenating foot masque enhanced with hydrating sea extracts, conditioning mineral clays and soothing aromatherapy botanicals will leave your feet feeling soft, moisturised and cool. Your feet will truly feel pampered as they slip into plastic bags and are wrapped in a fresh terry towel, allowing the masque to permeate. This amazing aroma-therapeutic will surely invigorate your senses.
Be prepared to experience a truly sensory journey immediately following your masque as the pressure points of your feet and lower legs are massaged with the choice of 2 oils that will leave your feet silky smooth and amazingly soft. Time to complement the treatment with the enamel of your choice!
Marine botanicals and other natural ingredients which keep your feet cool for hours after, make this pedicure perfect for summer!

Ultra Deluxe Spa Marine Pedi, Callus & Cucumber Heel Therapy Treatment (135 mins)

This aroma-therapeutic pedicure is quite explosive with sensations.  You will experience everything described above in the Spa Marine Deluxe Pedicure and more!
Your aromatherapy foot spa experience will include an A.H.A. cuticle remover which will gently eliminate stubborn cuticles from your nail plate.  Then, a moisture pack is created as a drop of Solar Oil is massaged into each cuticle. Solar Oil is a blend of four of the best oils; Rice Bran oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Almond oil.  To further enhance exfoliation, Sea Salt Glow is used to complement the A.H.A. sea scrub.  This is a blend of Mineral Salts, Sea Salts, Vitamin E and Sunflower oil, which continues the exfoliating and moisturising process, leaving your skin glowing and smooth to the touch.
Sea Serum is also applied to the calluses and dry spots on feet.  This is a highly effective, concentrated callus treatment containing 20% alpha-hydroxy acid complex which has penetrating ingredients that break down the toughest calluses.  At the same time, it's protective ingredients soothe sensitive and delicate skin.  Terry towels are wrapped around to cushion your feet, allowing the serum to penetrate.  This callus smoother is then used to further slough away the now broken down, tough, dead skin.
Following the hydrating Marine Masque and invigorating massage, it's time for your Cucumber Heel therapy.  Calluses are in need of intense moisture, an intensive moisturising complex will renew and continue to aid in the repair of your dried, cracked skin.
Polish of your choice is applied, and feet are guaranteed to look perfectly pedicured for weeks.

For all pedicures, it's important that you wear loose clothing so pants can be rolled up and most of all, remember your open-toed shoes!